Have you ever wanted to extract a wine label from a label artwork sheet? Maybe to print, maybe to use in a brochure. Whatever the reason, we know its difficult unless your a photoshop guru. Well , that was until now!

Introducing Altvin Labels, a completely free online tool that has been developed to allow you download a wine label from a PDF artwork in under 60 seconds.

Altvin Labels allows you to crop out a wine label from an label artwork sheets or create blank white labels. You can download these labels as files and then quickly upload to your Bottle SKU or product with Altvin so you can see you product from all angles.


This has been a highly requested feature from our existing clients and we are proud to release this as a free resource to the entire industry.

Previously, extracting a wine label from an artwork sheet meant a delay in waiting for the files from your designer or your label print house. Now, you can do this yourself simply and easily.

How the Free Wine Label Feature Works.

Just find your PDF, upload it to Altvin Labels and move the crop window over the label area you want, change the output dimensions if you need and then press download.

Then if you have Altvin, upload this file into Altvin on the labels tab and check if it fits on the label panel of the bottle you selected. Press ‘Design Bottle’ and hey presto your new design is rendered instantly on screen.

Watch the video below as Robin Hammond (Altvin Commercial Manager) extracts a label from a PDF artwork sheet for Wines by Geoff Hardy. He then creates different product options from the same label, all within 2 minutes.

For those of you who don’t know us, here at Altvin we focus on making wine packaging software that allows your winery to stay in control. Our online suite of wine packaging tools help you manage and control your packaging information quickly and easily.

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